ATTENTION: Pennsylvania residents who want a sustainable home, a clean state and an energy-independent country.

Green Energy Is Now Cheaper Than Brown

"And You Can Switch Online In Minutes
Without Any Hassle Or Service Interruptions"

FACT : Your home ALONE burns 959 lbs of coal in PA's power plants EACH MONTH!

FACT : Switching your home to a 100 % wind energy plan saves 26,000 pounds of CO2 emissions A YEAR.

FACT : 4,000 Pennsylvania workers are employed in the renewable energy sector and the number of jobs is constantly growing.

FACT : Traditional PPL rate went up to 9.559 c/kWh on March 1st. Bargain Green rate is LESS (and it's FIXED). So switching your home to green energy now saves you money!

Nobody is asking you to "go green" or "save the planet". Instead, this letter is about exposing the reality of our energy situation right here in Pennsylvania and navigating it without falling for false and misleading advertising that is plaguing the Internet.

This letter will show you how...

The real problem is that available energy
plans are confusing and difficult to compare

Green Energy Plans There is a lot to choose from out there. To make things worse, in addition to variety there is no easy way to evaluate your options. So in our hectic lives already overwhelmed by choices we have to make on a daily basis, we're likely to default to doing nothing. If there is a better power plan for you, how do you find out about it?

The truth is some energy companies are not interested in making their terms transparent. If poor terms and conditions are buried in fine print, you are much less likely to discover them prior to signing up. For instance...

Did you know that a lot of plans charge monthly fees? You don't get to find out until you get your bill in the mail and wonder what exactly you're paying for. Companies charge those for "administrative" purposes. In plain English that means there is no way to tell how this money is spent and there is no direct benefit to you.

Did you know that on top of monthly fees, if you decide to get out of your contract, you'll be hit with a HEFTY "cancellation" fee? Now imagine, if other industries treated their customers like that. Let's say you're going out to eat. You ordered a meal at a restaurant and something's wrong with it. You ask to speak to the manager and he tells you that not only he's not going to apologize but he's also going to FINE you. Crazy, right? But that's essentially what most electric companies are doing.

Did you know that variable rate means the company can jack up your bill WHENEVER they want? Maybe you're one of the Pennsylvanians who found out for themselves last winter when unexpected cold weather inflated your bill. Energy companies decided to let customers pay for THEIR mistake. Instead of eating their losses because energy suppliers failed to prepare, they raised your rates.

Endless hours of research not required

Green Energy Plans It shouldn't take a PhD to figure out what energy plan to sign up for. However, if you go online, it sure looks like a project, NOT a simple decision. Most people get discouraged early on, others persist but get frustrated and give up.

Energy deregulation is a good idea. Then, why does it feel like all it did was further complicate your life? Now, in addition to everything else you're dealing with, you get to worry about where your electricity comes from.

The fact is that it doesn't have to be that way. The problem is that now that companies have to compete with each other, they are coming up with "creative" ways to get ahead and those ways are not necessarily in your best interest. This is ESPECIALLY true for renewable energy sources.

Listen: Here's the dirty secret… Energy companies have been charging high prices and fees because they can. That's all there is to it. They figured they could charge EXTRA for green energy because people who want to "feel good" about their choice would pay the price.

Bargain Green Has The Solution

Bargain has the solution You don't want to pay 20%-50% MORE for renewable energy. And neither do we... This is how Bargain Green was born. My name is Jim Brennan and I have almost 20 years of experience in the energy industry. While I enjoyed what I did for a living, my dream has always been to start something of my own.

Through the years, I kept my eyes open, looking for something I could really get behind. Three things became clear to me. First of all, there is a lot of misinformation and confusion around green energy (hence, the article you just read). Second, green energy is UNNECESARILY expensive. And finally, people are drowning in the sea of confusing, mediocre options.

Focused on these issues, I set out to build a company that would fill in the gap and become the leading provider of renewable energy in Pennsylvania. My first goal (and my passion) is to educate. Dispelling green energy myths for people has been highly rewarding. I know that as I continue to do this work, many more than 5% of Pennsylvanians will look towards renewable energy sources.

My next goal was to make green energy AFFORDABLE. Up until mid-2014 there really weren't any good options out there. Before Bargain Green came about, folks were paying an arm and a leg for their sustainable power and in some cases, sacrificed reliability.

Our Plan Delivers The Best Value

Bargain Plans In the sea of gray, I wanted Bargain to stand out SO clearly that it is obvious to anyone who is looking. I tried asking myself, "What do I want in a power plan?" The words "value"and "simplicity" came to mind and this is what Bargain was built around.

Instead of creating a multitude of plans with this feature but not that, we put together everything a "dream" plan would have and made it real.

Here's how Bargain compares to other energy suppliers:

Bargain Plans

It became our ONLY offering. Nothing to compare and to choose from. After all, when you put the best of everything into your product, there's no need to create a bunch of others. Like the old saying goes "It's better to have one true friend than all the acquaintances in the world".

The only thing you get to decide is how long you want to sign up for: 12 months or 24?

And speaking of time… Did you know that using wind energy supports technology development in a way that LOWERS the prices overtime. So by switching your home to wind power, you're helping ensure even better prices in the future!

These benefits apply to any home in PA:

100% Wind Energy

Fixed Rate Plan

NO Cancellation Fee

NO Monthly Fee

NO Credit Check

NO Deposit Required

With one click you accomplish something great for yourself, your state and your country!

There aren't many decisions you can make that create this kind of impact on so many levels. I know this sounds so incredibly simple... Bargain Green worked hard to make it so.

When shopping online for power, you immediately get a sense that you are not equipped to make a good decision. I repeat: "It's not your fault!" The plans and choices that are out there are enough to confuse anyone.

Our motto is: Maximum Value AND Simplicity

Everything you need to make the right choice is right here…

Green Energy Right Choice

So let's recap what we've learned so far…

The best way BY FAR to benefit the environment and contribute to energy independence is by switching your home to green energy.
The mistake you absolute MUST AVOID is assuming that green energy is expensive, unreliable or any other myth like that.
The solution is found at Bargain Green… we took the best of every power plan, bundled it into one and simplified the sign-up process to save you time, money and headache.
The result is a bunch of really happy customers… and now, YOU can take advantage of this plan since you had the good fortune to stumble across this letter!

I want to emphasize that I can't take all the credit for this company

Earlier I mentioned that this company was my dream, but I certainly didn't get here alone. I owe Bargain Green to both hardworking pioneers of the green energy sector who've broken ground in this area as well as my mentors who've educated me throughout the years.

Not to mention the friendly staff who will be answering your phone calls. Just like it takes a village to raise a family, it took "a family" of very experienced, practical and driven individuals to get this project going.

I would like to express my special gratitude to thousands of Americans who are working to bring green energy to every home.

Try this on your own, and you'll end up
confused and frustrated

Just like I wouldn't have been able to create Bargain Green on my own, you shouldn't try to figure this out yourself. The whole reason I created this service is because when it comes to electricity there are too many options that are way too complicated. An average human being is rightfully overwhelmed by everything that is out there.

It's like trying to invest in the stock market after watching "Wall Street". You probably get some advice about where to put your savings, right? This is no different. The energy industry is a complicated space and most companies are not trying to make it simpler for you.

You could certainly spend many hours of your precious time researching and comparing plans, but WHY? This work has been done for you and condensed into one, easy solution. You can waste a lot of time and arrive at the same conclusion on your own or you can accept help. It's your choice!

HOWEVER… This is not for everyone

I want to make sure that you don't waste your time and money, if this is not for you.

If you don't care whether your current power supplier is overcharging you, this is NOT for you
If you like to be surprised by huge electric bills because your supplier needs to make up for their losses at your expense, this is certainly not for you
If you think we can continue to destroy our most precious resources without consequences, this is also not for you
If you like the idea of passing on problems to your grandkids that they didn't create, again this is not for you
And, if you can't spare a few minutes of your time to have a dramatic impact on your environment, this is definitely not for you

Don't be fooled by how simple this seems

I often get the question "How come other companies are not doing this?" The answer to that is because it always takes someone to do it first. Also, companies already in existence are not super motivated to reinvent the wheel. They know people have to get their electricity from somewhere. Why try too hard when they are already making money?

By comparison, my company was new and my company wanted to bring about a CHANGE. It took my team years to get here. I'm sure as time goes by, there will be copycats out there, as energy providers realize they can't just cruise anymore.

So let's get really crazy...


My team and I are so confident that you're going to love working with us, that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is by offering you a ROCK-SOLID guarantee:

Try us for 60 days RISK-FREE. If at any point during your first two months with Bargain Green, you're not satisfied for ANY reason, we will help you switch to a plan of your choice and REFUND any difference in our price vs the PPL rate.

That's in addition to $0 cancellation fee, if you want to cancel at ANY time.

That's how ABSOLUTELY positive we are that Bargain Green™ Fixed Rate Wind Power is the best choice for you.

If You Decide Not To Sign-Up,
We Have A Parting "Gift"...

These are some words of wisdom with a healthy dose of reality. Nobody likes the truth when it's ugly, but somebody has to say it.

You can continue to stick with traditional energy, but know that every month you're putting more money into the hands of an industry that spends millions of dollars lobbying to do whatever it wants to the environment.

By walking away you are consciously choosing to do nothing about single biggest source of pollution in your life... YOUR HOME. I like to ride my bike and want to make sure there is some place left for my grandkids to do that. Do you?

The global power struggle for non-renewable energy sources continues and your dollars finance it. I wrote this because I believe that YOU will make the obvious decision to start building a better future RIGHT NOW.


Here is a better idea… When you switch to Bargain Green, you will:

Stop sponsoring environmental destruction associated with fossil fuels
Create cleaner water and air in your state for you and future generations
Directly contribute to our country's energy independence
Allow for green rates to go even lower in the upcoming years
Support green energy industry and its employees

Click on one of the links below to switch to 100% wind. A VERY short form is all it takes.

Then, two things will happen:

1. You will get a sign-up confirmation immediately in your e-mail.

2. You will get another e-mail within 7 business days notifying you when the switch is complete.

Yours in cheap, green energy…
Jim Brennan
Founder of Bargain Green

P.S. – Every second you wait, the odds are that you will do nothing. Don't allow everything you just learned to go to waste. All good things require action. So switch now while it's fresh on your mind…

P.P.S. - Remember, you can cancel at any time at NO cost and if you cancel in the first 60 days we'll even refund the difference in rates! You have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain…