About Bargain Energy
Bargain Energy
Bargain Energy offers one of the best values for your home and business electricity needs. Bargain Energy currently serves residential and commercial customers in Pennsylvania with plans to expand our service in additional states. Bargain Energy management's team of professionals have more than 60 years of industry experience from diverse backgrounds. Bargain Energy is uniquely positioned to utilize its teamís talent, market insight, and experience to bring our customers one the most comprehensive product and service bundling around. Finally, we carefully design our product portfolio to be the relevant and an enticing value for our customers to switch to our services.

We look forward to providing great value and superior customer service to you.

Bargain Energy is committed to providing competitively priced energy products along with superior customer service. We will continue to invest in products, systems and service representatives to add value for our customers. We will also empower our customers and the communities they live in by supporting the causes and events that matter to them.
Vision Statement
Bargain Energy will strive to be the best retail electricity company for our customers, shareholders and the communities we are present in. We want to be the company that understands the needs of our customers and provide them with customized products and personalized service. We will treat everyone and conduct business with honesty, integrity and respect.
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